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Potential clients can be found anywhere. The difference between a lifelong customer and a missed chance can be made by delivering material that maintains brand consistency and efficient customer communication. With, you can connect with your clients wherever they are in the purchasing process. To ensure that you serve your international audience, we can assist you in translating information into more than 170 languages and offer customer assistance.

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Our Products

Flow builder

Without writing a single line of code, put automation to work for you

Are operational snags impeding your growth? Use automated workflows and conversations to collect critical data in advance, reduce manual labor, implement self-service flows, and route chats to the appropriate agent.

Flow builder

Campaign Management System

Utilize Conversational Marketing Cloud to increase conversions at every stage of the funnel.

Increase real-time engagement on your website to increase sales with an inbound marketing strategy, site query resolution with real-time automation, and intelligent marketing automation for specific audiences.

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Effortless Integration with Simplify Your Workflow Automation

With a single click, you can integrate and plug-and-play. Organize your data on a single platform to allow teams in engagement, sales, marketing, advertising, and care to collaborate seamlessly. Automate processes in your CRM, contact center platforms, ticketing, or live agent systems in real time.

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Ticketing System

Unified Client Management with Omnichannel Support and Multi-Brand Help Center

Organize your helpdesk according to the organizational structure of your company. Track customer requests from multiple departments, brands, and platforms. Make yourself available to your customers, regardless of their preferred contact method. Optimize your helpdesk's interaction with social networks.

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NLP (Rich intents and entities)

Adaptive NLP: Revolutionizing Conversational AI with Zero-Shot Learning and Pre-Trained Models

With intent accuracy of 85% and higher, is a pioneer in the conversational AI business. You can avoid the time-consuming, challenging, and error-prone model training process by using zero-shot learning. Without having to manually enter training data, companies can be up and running in minutes instead of months.

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Our Values

AI-powered listening

Make use of AI-powered listening to your advantage

With the help of, you can better understand client opinions of your goods and services as well as gain important insights into the strategies and products used by your rivals. This allows you to spot important market trends and take advantage of unmet customer needs.

Respect and Empower

Respect and Empower

Due to our open culture and respectful workplace employees feel valued, heard, treated fairly and are empowered to do their best work. On the other hand, we support our customers with their goals, whatever they may be and we want them to be able to achieve those confidently.

Safeguarded reputation

Reduce risk and safeguard your reputation

In order to make proactive, well-informed decisions about your owned media plans and tactics, Modern Research provides your team with real-time data on trending events, current events, and brand problems before they become significant.

Unified Platform

Learn About Unified-CX Solutions

There is a better approach to keep up with the rapid expansion of data across dozens of contemporary channels — and satisfy customers' growing expectations. The way out of the point solution chaos is the Unified-CX solution. unified platform

Case Study

Estafeta Mexicana
Wells Fargo
YG Entertainment
Prada Group

Estafeta Mexicana: Streamlining Omnichannel Customer Experience with AI-Powered Logistics

Estafeta Mexicana's size has nearly doubled in response to the growing demand for logistics services due to the pandemic. The company aims to integrate all of its digital platforms and provide an omnichannel customer experience. Estafeta has introduced a unified customer experience system (Unified-CX solution). Estafeta is one of the top three companies in the industry in terms of SLA performance, having achieved a 60 percent improvement in its customer service SLA in just two years. The goal of the company in its development is to increase visibility in the international market and expand the reach of its social platform. Keep reading