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Estafeta optimizes omnichannel experiences with best-in-class logistics operations and a 60% boost incustomer support SLA.

image corrusponding to Estafeta Mexicana services
image corrusponding to Estafeta Mexicana services

CUSTOMER: Estafeta Mexicana


Logistics and Transportation




Mexico City, Mexico


Established in Mexico City, Estafeta Mexicana is a logistics provider. It competes with significant worldwide logistics operators like DHL, FedEx, and UPS by providing top-notch logistical services to clients and suppliers in Mexico and myriad regions of the United States. Since 2020, Estafeta's size has nearly doubled in response to the pandemic's growing demands for logistics services. The company set out on a mission to integrate all of its digital platforms and provide an omnichannel customer experience in order to live up to growing customer demands with a small team. Additionally, the company's marketing team sought to enhance the efficiency of responding to and handling customer complaints using contemporary media, while nonetheless sustaining a personal touch across all forms of communication.

Substantially, Estafeta was seeking an all-encompassing technology solution that included: Optimizing the integration of all social media platforms with the company's present tech.

Deliver improved agreements by fostering performance measurements and analytics (SLAs).

Offer users, followers, and potential customers an authentic omnichannel experience.


By adopting a unified customer experience management (Unified-CX) system, Estafeta managed to bring its entire customer experience approach in-house. Due to the omnichannel system, Fasterling is now able to combine many social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and, shortly, TikTok, into a single platform.

Consequently, managing incoming requests from all channels and locations while enhancing SLAs with a modest team of three community managers is a possibility.

The process is as Follows:

To ensure always-on response, intelligent case management routes requests to the appropriate agent at the appropriate time. Customer service teams can offer immediate, functionalized responses with some personalization courtesy to scripted responses. Estafeta can assess the mindset of its customers and adjust its assistance strategy in real-time due to timely data provided by AI engine. Additionally, Estafeta uses competitive benchmarking to promptly filter requests and analyse how it operates in relation to other international logistics firms on three metrics: the amount of followers, the number of impressions, and the number of interactions with postings.

The product suite for social publishing and engagement makes it simple for the marketing team to work together on social content. Before posting to Estafeta's social media channels, team members use a shared platform to put all material through approval protocols to ensure strong, on-brand communication.


Estafeta is currently one of the top three companies in the industry for SLA performance having making a 60% improvement in their customer service SLA in just two years. Furthermore, the AI capabilities have demonstrated a 95% accuracy rate in detecting future brand upheavals and brand loyalty. Estafeta currently administers end-to-end digital marketing internally with the help of powered support, social publishing, and scheduling, which minimizes the company's operating expenses. The company's objective as it develops is to enhance visibility in the international market, increase automation processes, and broaden its social platform reach.