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How Prada Group drives premium brand digital innovation

image corrusponding to Prada Group services
image corrusponding to Prada Group services

CUSTOMER: Prada Group


Retail / Fashion


13,197 Employees


Milan, Italy


The Prada Group, which owns a number of the most renowned brands of luxury around the world, is continuously working to increase their value by broadening their reach and exposure. In order to translate the very same entrepreneurial thinking that has driven the brand since 1913 — and into the digital realm — The Group We reckon that the destiny of our premium brands will be determined by the experiences we build for our customers, as Prada Group Marketing Director Lorenzo Bertelli puts it. According to Bertelli, "each brand within the Prada Group will be unified throughout in-person and social media to assist customers wherever and whenever they desire the best possible experience." This includes personalized interactions in stores as well as humanizing experiential and interactive experiences across digital / online shop windows.

The Prada Group set out on an ambitious path when it first adopted such method to combine a number of point solutions onto the unified customer experience management (Unified-CX) platform. For the purpose of identifying, contacting, and engaging its Millennial and Gen Z demographic, the Group desired a unified platform equipped with artificial intelligence to manage benchmarking, analytics, marketing, and service. With its digital-first approach, the business would continue to be at the forefront of bigger cultural discussions and trends that affected their brand while offering the all-encompassing shopping experience that today 's customers desire.


After the beginning of the global pandemic, when online platforms became, in many circumstances, the only means of engaging with customers, The Prada Group embarked on a journey to create a unified online marketing in April 2020. The Prada Group sought complete insight into campaign conception, execution, and effectiveness across contemporary platforms with six brands (Prada, Miu Miu, Church's, Marchesi 1824, Car Shoe, and Fondazione Prada) as part of its network. With Unified-CX solution, the Italian luxury group achieved this swiftly and integrated its digital interaction plan. The online marketers at the Prada Group were able to acquire insight into effective promotional material as well as more accurately predict and attract specific people as a result.

Benchmarking and Competitive Insights has given its analytics and Communications personnel the authority to examine pertinent location- and product-based info in order to acquire invaluable insight into the sustainability of brands and into significant events, such as Fashion Week. Most crucially, the Prada Group's employees were now capable to adequately manage developing issues and avoid possible brand upheavals thanks to this specific skill. In order to gain insightful information this year, its employees monitored 92 million mentions over 183 themes and over 70 unique displays.

This makes it possible for sales representatives to offer their clients the best and most comprehensive online sales journey presently offered. Agents now interact with clients via Facebook, Instagram, and live chat. The quality of service that representatives offer is improved even further with conversational marketing capabilities because they can now close deals via the same social media platforms where they interact with clients. With the advent of Unified-CX solution platform, the Prada Group has given its clients a completely smooth integration, elevating their existing favourable encounter with group brands.


For the upcoming generation of affluent customers, the Prada Group's top firms offer world-class customer interaction and service. To deliver a seamless experience with their clients, from communication and interaction to assistance and purchases, they connect with their clients in their chosen mediums.

The Prada Group benefits from this platform:

  • Sell to, serve, and maintain customers on a single Unified-CX platform at a worldwide level

  • Compile important data about the well-being of the brand and events that are important to it. They monitored millions of mentions this year over almost 200 themes and more than 70 unique displays

  • Achieve complete visibility into the development, publication, and success of campaigns across contemporary mediums in order to more effectively target and connect with the right consumers and to obtain knowledge of powerful marketing materials.