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How AIDA Cruises maintains love even in the face of adversity

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Kea Hansen became addicted to cruising after just one week on board the AIDA Nova in the Mediterranean. According to Hansen, "What you see on the internet and what you encounter on social media do not give it enough credit."

As a member of the German cruise social media marketing team, Hansen took his mother on her maiden voyage in 2019 to celebrate their birthdays and experience AIDA Cruises' offerings. Although she manages numerous social media profiles and interacts with visitors, Hansen's day job is to photograph them as they share some of their most memorable moments. not yet experienced anything first-hand. She describes it as an emotional event.
Hansen is not alone in feeling this way, either. AIDA has developed itself into what it describes as a "love brand," with much more than 84% name recognition in German-speaking nations. Both employees and customers have strong feelings for the company. A large number of AID followers have designated themselves into dozens of virtual communities, and AIDA has more than a million supporters who follow its authorized online profiles. As a result of the epidemic, all 14 AIDA ships were grounded for at least a few weeks, so the firm had to seek methods for keeping the romance digitally alive. Dream vacations had to be postponed as AIDA shifted its attention toward boosting customer involvement in an attempt to better comprehend customers' wants, issues, and overall thinking.

Hansen advises keeping your beloved in mind at all times. And not only the positive tales AIDA has to pay great attention to its beloved ones in order to connect consumers and community members more intimately. Keep visitors up to date on developments in the cruise business, particularly at AIDA.


In order to foster enduring interactions with visitors, AIDA first collaborated on their key emphasis of network development because they were a well-known and adored company with a sizable, vibrant internet community. The company's welcoming social environment and the omnichannel concept were used by the group to better control its web workflow content and to monitor incoming messages and mentions across online channels pertaining to a wide range of amenities on board AIDA's ships, including dining establishments, pubs, entertainment, ship operations, and guided tours.
Since then, social listening, social publishing, and engagement have been used by AIDA's commercial team. With the assistance of computer-aided operations, the digital team can oversee brand posting and content throughout social media platforms, as well as respond promptly to customer involvement as required. They are able to accurately gauge client needs and community sentiment in real time thanks to social media monitoring. They can gain insightful information from AI-enriched datasets as they pay attention to pertinent issues on various social media platforms. The crew closely monitors guest feedback and digital chats for possible pitfalls, such as an accident on deck or during a hiking expedition, for each ship that is currently at sea.


Throughout the epidemic, it was even more important to be able to respond to and interact with the AIDA community residents. The organization attempted to ensure that its service users were satisfied. Even if they weren't cruising, they felt recognized and acknowledged; their treasured ships were moored, and vacations were postponed.
AIDA stood in a better position than others to withstand the slump in tourism that began in early 2020. Because of the involvement capacity it had previously established, AIDA was able to maintain contact with its clients and residents.They were able to keep track of COVID-related information and soothe visitors' worries when yachts were halted—and when ships started cruising again under new laws—with the aid of dashboards, social listening, notifications, and an enhanced labeling mechanism.
The majority of consumer reviews have historically been favorable, but according to Hansen, there was a substantial change throughout most of the pandemic. Although people continued to adore AIDA, they were also concerned about the COVID-19 guidelines for testing and immunizations, and daily life on AIDA's cruise lines' social media platforms saw a substantial rise in service-related subjects.